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Dr. Gerard Khourie, an Apostolic missionary born in South Africa, was supernaturally directed to teach the Word of God in the United States. He has a doctorate in Theology, and has been preaching and teaching God's word since 1990.  He began a small group in his home that had a desire to reach the people in their community for Jesus. This then grew into Christ Family Church.

Pastor Khourie founded Christ Family Church on Easter Sunday, 2000. Christ Family Church offers a variety of ministries and support groups for parents, families, children, couples, and prisoners. Pastor Khourie’s main focus has always been salvation and healing. This is evident by the thousands of souls that have been lead to the Lord Jesus, and the many healings that have taken place under his anointing. Miracles, signs, and wonders also take a dominant place in Pastor Khourie’s weekly services. He embraces the full intake of the Holy Spirit, and preaches of such in his weekly healing school classes concerning God’s will in these important areas of doctrine.


Pastors Gerard has an incredible heart for children. He pioneered Synergy Vocational Academy K-12th, a Nationally accredited Vocation/Magnet school as well as Faith Academy Preschool and K-12+ Hope Academy for special needs students. Pastor Khourie currently prepares 10,000 meals for “at risk’ children weekly. Click Here to learn more about Synergy Vocational Academy.

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