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Dr. Donnelyn Khourie

President, Founder & Connector

Donnelyn Khourie is the Co-founder of Tradition Worship Center. She also serves as the President and Founder of the Flroida State Christian Academy, a college preparatory private school and a S.T.E.A.M certified Pre-school.


A 21st-century pastor who partners with local businesses, organizations, people, and government, Donnelyn is helping to connect a modern community to the traditional message of Christ. Her lesson plans, attention to detail and faith, allow her to cultivate exceptional education programs in a safe Christian environment. Her networking and business acumen continues to help her create long-lasting connections, partnerships, and introductions for local businesses in the area.


After spending two decades serving and traveling as a songwriter and worship leader for churches all over the world, Donnelyn has taken her experiences and knowledge to engage the hearts and minds of her community to honor and experience the presence of God.

Donnelyn developed a creative blend of Christian curriculum connected to the performing arts in order to enhance and attract people of all ages, races, and diversities to learn and grow in themselves along with their academic and Biblical education.

In addition to the expansive business and educational experiences,


Donnelyn speaks three languages, recorded three Christian music albums, and has appeared at multiple engagements as a keynote speaker as well as a praise and worship music coach. She directs and choreographs children’s musical theater with productions every year showcasing the performing art’s students by featuring a variety of dance techniques including ballet, tap, hip-hop and contemporary dance styles.


A loving and supportive wife of her husband, Senior Pastor Dr. Gerard Khourie and the nurturing mother of their two amazingly talented children, Donnelyn leads a blessed, giving and fulfilled life by example in her actions, her work and her heart.

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