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Pastor Gerard Khourie, a missionary apostle, was born in South Africa and started his ministry in the United States in 1999. He has a doctorate in Theology and has been preaching and teaching God's word since 1990. 
Pastor Khourie founded Christ Family Church on Easter Sunday 2000 with his wife Donnelyn. Today, it is one of Treasure Coast's most influential churches, with approximately 600 people attending weekly services. Christ Family Church offers a variety of ministries and support groups for parents, families, children, couples, prisoners, addicts, homeless, and many others. 
Pastor Khourie’s main focus has always been salvation and healing. This is evident by the thousands of souls that have been lead to The Lord Jesus and the many healings that have taken place under his anointing. Miracles, signs, and wonders also take a dominant place in Dr, Khourie’s weekly services. He embraces the full infilling of The Holy Spirit and teaches and preaches in his weekly healing school classes concerning God’s Will in these important areas of doctrine.

He cares deeply for people and dedicates most of his time training up leaders in the body of Christ. In 2018 He and his wife launched Florida State Christian University, an accredited bible college and seminary.  He also opened up two new church campuses, Tradition Worship Center and Christ Family Church Okeechobee.

Pastors Gerard and Donnelyn have an incredible heart for children. They pioneered  Florida State Christian Academy K-12th, a Nationally accredited Vocation/Magnet school. Faith Academy Preschool and K-12 plus Hope Academy for special needs students. The Khourie's currently prepare 6,000 meals for “at risk’ children weekly.

Pastor Gerry has two amazing teenage children Canaan and Destiny. His whole family is passionate about teaching faith principles and sharing God's finished work of grace to the believer.

In addition, He owns 2 Preschools, Innovative Resources Inc, Innovative Bus Services and the Tradition Town Hall Event Center.

Dr. Khourie live streams three weekly services, a daily radio broadcast called Extreme Faith and is an author. 

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